Titanium Alloy Balls

Titanium alloys balls have strong weight advantages, and also featured with good corrosion resistance and mechanical features. They are used in a variety of industries include aerospace chemical, petrochemical, jewelry etc.

Material Analysis
Grade 5,R56400(Ti6Al4V)
CarbonMaximum of 0.08%
OxygenMaximum of 0.20%
NitrogenMaximum of 0.05%
HydrogenMaximum of 0.015%
IronMaximum of 0.40%
Aluminum5.5% to 6.75%
Vanadium3.5% to 4.5%
Other Elements eachMaximum of 0.1%
Other Elements totalMaximum of 0.4%
* Per ASTM B348-2013
Mechanical Properties
Grade 5,R56400(Ti6Al4V)
Tensile StrenghMinimum of 130 Kpsi
Yield StrenghMinimum of 120 Kpsi
Elongation in 4DMinimum of 10%
Reduction of AreaMinimum of 25%
* Per ASTM B348-2013
Physical Characteristics
Grade 5,R56400(Ti6Al4V)
HardnessHRC 28-42
DensityApprox. 0.16 lbs./in3(4.43g/cm3)