Stainless Steel Precision Hollow Ball

HRGQ has been providing precision hollow stainless balls for variety of industries for over 10 years. Equipped with advanced manufacturing technology, HRGQ guarantee 100% penetrated welding, excellent surface finishing and high tolerance. Based on specific needs, HRGQ's hollow balls also offer precisely weight control, special feature (such as floating in water) or maximum corrosion resistance. HRGQ currently manufactures hollow stainless balls from size 4mm to 150mm mainly in 304,316,316L and 420 stainless steel. Our engineering team are always ready to develop new product for your needs of hollow balls in any material and any specification.

Material Analysis
Type 304Type 316/316LType 420
CarbonMaximum of 0.08%CarbonMaximum of 0.08%(316)/0.03%(316L)CarbonMinimum of 0.15%
ManganeseMaximum of 2.00%ManganeseMaximum of 2.00%ManganeseMaximum of 1.00%
PhosphorusMaximum of 0.045%PhosphorusMaximum of 0.045%PhosphorusMaximum of 0.04%
SulphurMaximum of 0.03%SulphurMaximum of 0.03%SulphurMaximum of 0.03%
SiliconMaximum of 1.00%SiliconMaximum of 1.00%SiliconMaximum of 1.00%
Chromium18.00% to 20.00%Chromium16.00% to 18.00%Chromium12.00% to 14.00%
Nickel8.00% to 11.00%Nickel10.00% to 14.00%* Per ASTM A276/A276M-16a
* Per ASTM A276/A276M-16aMolybdenum2.00% to 3.00%
NitrogenMaximum of 0.10%
* Per ASTM A276/A276M-16a
Mechanical Properties
Type 304Type 316/316LType 420
Modulus of Elasticity29000 KpsiModulus of Elasticity28000 KpsiModulus of Elasticity29000 Kpsi
Elongation In Two Inches55%-60%Elongation In Two Inches25%-40%Reduction In Area25%-50%
Reduction In Area55%-70%Reduction In Area55%-65%Tensile Strength95-250 Kpsi
Tensile Strength80-180 KpsiTensile Strength80-120 KpsiYield Strength45 Kpsi
Yield Strength50-150 KpsiYield Strength45 Kpsi
Physical Characteristics
Type 304Type 316Type 420
MagneticSlightly MagneticMagneticNoMagneticYes
Density0.285 lbs./in3(7.89g/cm3)Density316: 0.288 lbs./in3(7.97g/cm3)
316L:0.287 lbs./in3(7.94g/cm3)
Density0.279 lbs./in3(7.72g/cm3)
Corrosion ResistanceGoodCorrosion ResistanceExcellentCorrosion ResistanceFair
Nominal DiameterGrade
Other technical requirements such as weight, wall thickness, crush load are according to customers' specification