High precision ceramic balls

Silicon Nitride

Most common used in bearing applications, silicon nitride balls have a coefficient of thermal expansion of only 30% of steel balls, which means there is less friction generated in bearings as heat increases. Silicon Nitride balls requires less cooling system as they have low thermal conductivity that reduces the amount of heat absorbed. The temperature operating range for those balls are up to 800C(1470F). With non-corrosive, anti-magnetic and superior wear resistance, they are mostly used in high-endurance and high-temperature applications. Parts can be engineered and manufactured to your specifications. HRGQ also provides Toshiba made and imported Silicon Nitride materials.

Alumina oxide

Alumina oxide balls are with extremely good corrosion resistance as well as in maintaining dimensional stability at temperature at 1000C (1830F). They are often used in high salts, acids and corrosive chemicals. Size in fractional inch and metric are available from stock or special order.

Zirconia Oxide

Zirconia balls maintain high strength in corrosion and high temperature applications. They usually last twice longer than metal or carbide in certain applications. They are often used in check valves in flow control applications. HRGQ produces zirconia balls according to your specifications.

Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide balls work very well in high acid environment due to their extremely corrosion resistance ability.They also feature with high hardness that make them suitable in high temperature and high strength applications.HRGQ manufactures silicon carbide balls in a big range of dimensions and grades.

Density(0.116 lbs./in3)3.20g/cm3(0.220 lbs./in3)6.00g/cm3(0.143 lbs./in3)3.95g/cm3(0.114 lbs./in3)3.15g/cm3
Bending Strength116-174 Kpsi137-174 Kpsi44-58 Kpsi58-73 Kpsi
Modulus of Elasticity43,500-46,400 Kpsi30,400 Kpsi55,114 Kpsi50763 Kpsi
Poisson's Ration0.26/0.220.14
Hardness1400-1700 HV1100-1300 HV1800 HV2000-2500 HV
Fracture Toughness5.0-7.0MPA*m^1/28.0-10.0MPA*m^1/23.0-4.0MPA*m^1/23.0-4.0MPA*m^1/2
Maximum Useful Temp800C400C1000C1300C
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion3.3X10^-6 C10.3X10^-6 C8.4X10^-6 C4.0X10^-6 C
Nominal DiameterGrade
Size is also available in metrics.