E52100 Chrome steel high precision balls for ball bearings

HRGQ is manufacturing high precision 52100 steel balls of G5, G10 for ball bearings applications in aerospace and automotive industries. Our Nadcap standard modern heat treating facilitates, equipped with high temperature uniformity and precision-controlled atmosphere, have guaranteed to maintain uniformed hardness range. Advanced lapping and grinding processes have also help to achieve tightest roundness and highest surface roughness requirements. HRGQ has strictly supply chain management when comes to raw materials procurement. All supplies are subject to periodic audit to make sure consistence quality of steels. HRGQ also provides HCC balls in M50, GCr15 materials.

Material Analysis
E52100 GCr15
Carbon 0.93%-1.05% Carbon 0.95%-1.05%
Manganese 0.25%-0.45% Manganese 0.20%-0.40%
Phosphorus Maximum of 0.025% Phosphorus Maximum of 0.025%
Sulphur Maximum of 0.015% Sulphur Maximum of 0.020%
Silicon 0.15%-0.35% Silicon 0.15%-0.35%
Chromium 1.35%-1.60% Chromium 1.40%-1.65%
Nickel Maximum of 0.25% Nickel Maximum of 0.25%
Molybdenum Maximum of 0.10% Molybdenum Maximum of 0.10%
Copper Maximum of 0.30% Copper Maximum of 0.25%
Oxygen Maximum of 0.0015% Oxygen Maximum of 0.0012%
Aluminum Maximum of 0.050% Aluminum Maximum of 0.050%
* Per ASTM A295-2014 * Per GB18254-2016

Mechanical Properties Physical Characteristics
E52100 E52100
Modulus of Elasticity 29500 Kpsi Density 0.283 lbs./in3(7.83g/cm3)
Elongation In Two Inches 5% Corrosion Resistance No
Reduction In Area 8%
Tensile Strength 325 Kpsi
Yield Strength 295 Kpsi

Nominal Diameter Grade
1/16"-1" G5-G200
Size is also avaiable in inches.