440A 1-Inch Hollow Ball

The 1-inch 440A hollow ball has been widely used in weight sensitive applications that also require high surface hardness and crush strength. The minimum crush strength for this product is 6,000 lbs. With maximum weight of 21 grams, it has significant weight advantage comparing 65 grams for a solid ball. A reduction in weight is over 67%. It has been typically applied in aircraft ball transfer unit.
HRGQ has been providing high quality 1-inch 440A hollow ball for aerospace industry for more than 10 years with annually quantity approximately 400,000 pieces. 440A raw materials is met and certified to the latest revision of AMS-QQ-S-763. Heat treating is done in NadCap approved facilities. All balls are passivated to the latest revision of AMS 2700.

Material Analysis
Carbon0.60% to 0.75%
ManganeseMaximum of 1.00%
SiliconMaximum of 1.00%
PhosphorusMaximum of 0.04%
SulphurMaximum of 0.03%
Chromium16.00% to 18.00%
MolybdenumMaximum of 0.75%
* Per AMS-QQ-S-763 D
Normial Diameter1-inch(25.40mm)1-inch(25.40mm)
HardnessHRC 54-60HRC 54-60
Wall Thickness1.50+-0.10mm1.50+-0.10mm
Weight20g-23gMaximum of 21 grams
Crush strength>6,000 lbs>6,000 lbs