Type 2205/2507 Stainless Steel Balls

Type 2205 and 2507 stainless steel are also known as Duplex Stainless Steel. The steel balls manufactured with such materials featured with improved strength over austenitic stainless steel and also improved localized corrosion resistance, particularly pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. Comparing with austenitic stainless steel, they also with lower thermal expansively and higher heat transfer rate. The 2507 is also called “SuperDuplex” due to its higher corrosion resistance.

Material Analysis
Type 2205Type 2507
CarbonMaximum of 0.03%CarbonMaximum of 0.03%
ManganeseMaximum of 2.00%ManganeseMaximum of 1.20%
PhosphorusMaximum of 0.03%PhosphorusMaximum of 0.035%
SulphurMaximum of 0.02%SulphurMaximum of 0.02%
SiliconMaximum of 1.00%SiliconMaximum of 0.80%
Chromium22.00% to 23.00%Chromium24.00% to 26.00%
Nickel4.50% to 6.50%Nickel6.00% to 8.00%
Molybdenum3.00% to 3.50%Molybdenum3.00% to 5.00%
Nitrogen0.14% to 0.20%Nitrogen0.24% to 0.32%
CopperMaximum of 0.50%
* Per ASTM A240-16* Per ASTM A240-16
Nominal DiameterGrade
Other technical requirements such as weight, wall thickness, crush load are according to customers' specification